Ask Your State Legislators to Oppose Ohio Senate Bill 288! REASON #4

Each weekday from Tuesday, April 5, 2022, until Friday, April 15, 2022, I will be providing a reason why Ohioians should contact their state legislators to request that they vote against SB 288, a terrible piece of legislation that its sponsors claim is a "criminal justice reform bill," when in reality, it is simply a "soft-on-crime bill" that will encourage criminal activity rather than deter it. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: REASON #4 to Oppose Senate Bill 288


Misdemeanor domestic violence offenders can have their record erased meaning that repeat offenders cannot be punished as felonies. 

As crime continues to rise, our legislature has proposed Senate Bill 288 – over 1800 pages of so called “reform.” Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 288.

Contact your legislators at: