The Truth About Marijuana

The Truth About Marijuana

We hear… It' s not addictive. The Truth… 1 in 6 youth &1 in 11 individuals who use marijuana will become addicted to it. 

We hear… It’s medicine. The Truth… Marijuana does not cure anything. We don' t smoke medicine or vote on what is medicine. The American Cancer Society, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Glaucoma Society &
others do not support marijuana as medicine. A synthetic form of THC called Marinol® is available. More research is being done.

We hear… It is “natural.” The Truth… Marijuana today has about 10 times the psychoactive ingr edient then it did in 1960. THC from marijuana stays in the body & can affect a person for years.

We hear...“Everybody” is doing it. The Truth… In 2012, about 7% of Amer icans (12 & older ) used mar ijuana monthly & 17% used it in the past year.

We hear… It’s not as damaging as alcohol. The Truth… Marijuana use cr eates ser ious r isks, including affecting one’s ability to drive & is addictive. Like alcohol & tobacco, early marijuana use tends to increase the use of other
illicit drugs.

We hear… It doesn' t hurt your body like tobacco does. The Truth… Marijuana deposits 4 times as much tar in the lungs as tobacco and smoking marijuana releases many of the same harmful substances that are found in tobacco.

We hear… You don’t get “hung over ” or it “calms” you. The Truth… Marijuana can cause destr uctive emotional changes. It can create severe mental & physical effects. It alters your perception of time, impairs coordination, & more.

We hear… You get “more creative” when you smoke weed. The Truth… It lower s ability to lear n & succeed,including permanently lowering the IQs of young users.

We hear… It doesn’t kill anyone. The Truth… Accidents, suicides, and other serious medical concerns like lung and heart diseases are linked to marijuana use.

We hear… It will create lots of tax money. The Truth… Alcohol taxes only account for about 10% of its costs to society and tobacco taxes are less than 13%.

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