Vote NO on Issue 1!

As the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney, I strongly urge you to Vote NO on State Issue 1. State Issue 1 is an out-of-state sponsored Ohio constitutional amendment mandating that felony drug possession offenses be only misdemeanors with no possibility of  jail time until a third conviction within a two-year period. Consequently, should State Issue 1 pass, Ohio will have the most lenient drug laws in the nation. Those caught with any amount of any drug, including but not limited to carfentanil, fentanyl, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine, and GHB (a date rape drug), will potentially face no effective consequences. Drug traffickers will flock here because the legal risk of possessing illicit drugs will be minimal. Judges’ hands will be tied when trying to deal on a case-by-case basis with those trapped in addiction. When sentencing, the “stick” is as important as the “carrot,” but State Issue 1 removes the stick. State Issue 1 also allows for the reduction of dangerous and violent criminals’ prison sentences up to 25% - not by a judge where that authority should lie - but by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, for simply participating (not completing) a non-specific prison educational or rehabilitative program. Eligible convicts include those convicted of Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Burglary, Felonious Assault, and Human Trafficking, just to name a few. Frighteningly, because State Issue 1 amends the Ohio Constitution, it would take another ballot initiative and election to alter its catastrophic impact. For much more information and reasons to Vote NO on this very dangerous proposal, please visit: and/or