Week of 7/15/19 Misdemeanor Convictions:

The Wayne County Municipal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor level offenses.  The following are the criminal case convictions (not including traffic offenses) for 7/15/2019 to 7/22/2019:

7/15/2019 - Logan Peters, 20 year old male from SHREVE - Case No. 2018 CR-B 000654     Convicted of Petty Theft, M1, in violation of Ohio Revised Code 2913.02(A)(1).  Sentenced by Judge Michael W. Rickett to: a fine of $350.00.  Additionally the following conditions were imposed: Pay Court Costs / Probation Fees; Pay Restitution: 92.33.

Week of 3/18/19 Criminal Felony Convictions:

A criminal defendant has to have been sentenced before he or she is considered “convicted” of a criminal offense in the State of Ohio.  Below are the felony convictions that took place in the Wayne County Common Pleas Court for 3/18/2019 to 3/25/2019:


3/20/2019 - Justin R. Greegor, 34 year old male from Dalton - Case No. 2017 CRC-I 000209