Week of 1/23/17 Criminal Convictions:

A criminal defendant has to have been sentenced before he or she is considered “convicted” of a criminal offense in the State of Ohio.

Below are the felony convictions that took place in the Wayne County Common Pleas Court for 1/23/2017 to 1/30/2017:


1/24/2017 - Jason Brady, 32 year old male from Wooster - Case No. 2016 CRC-I 000215

Roberta's Law

Senate Bill 160, dubbed "Roberta's Law," was signed into law by Governor Kasich last week.  The law provides for automatic notification to victims when an offender is scheduled for a parole hearing, though victims could choose to opt out.  The legislation was introduced in response to the story of Columbus resident Roberta Francis, who was 15 years old when she was brutally raped and murdered in 1974.  Her killer was paroled in 2005 after serving only 30 years of his life sentence, but Roberta's family didn't find out until they read about his release in the newspaper.  Until now, victims a