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“The integrity and professionalism of our team is your greatest resource.”

Justice for All

“Our duty and responsibility is to always seek to do justice.”

Helping Victims

“Victims of crime should not be victims of bureaucracy.  We are here to personally and professionally offer help.”


How We Serve

  • Felony Division
  • Misdemeanor Division
  • Juvenile Division
  • Appellate Division
  • Civil Division
  • Victim/Witness Assistance
  • Child Support Enforcement
Felony Division
The Felony Division is responsible for the prosecution of all serious adult offenders in the Wayne County Common Pleas Court.  In general, felony offenses are crimes which carry a potential prison sentence of a year or more.  Those crimes include...
Misdemeanor Division
The Misdemeanor Division of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office represents the State of Ohio and the various municipalities within the county in nearly all misdemeanor criminal and traffic matters that come before the Wayne County Municipal Court...
Juvenile Division
Although the law historically distinguished between children and adults, a separate juvenile court system did not exist in the United States until 1899, when Cook County, Illinois formed the first juvenile court. The concept caught on relatively...
Appellate Division
Defendants convicted in the Wayne County Courts enjoy an appeal of right to the Ninth District Court of Appeals, and when the conviction is affirmed in that court, the defendant may pursue a discretionary appeal in the Ohio Supreme Court and...
Civil Division
Oftentimes there is a mistaken impression that the Wayne County Prosecutor’s responsibilities only include criminal prosecutions in the Common Pleas, Juvenile and Municipal courts of Wayne County.  However, the Wayne County Prosecutor is also...
The Wayne County Victim Witness Assistance Program (WCVWAP) is a program within the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office that serves all victims of crimes committed in Wayne County.  The mission of the WCVWAP is to reduce the trauma crime...
Child Support Enforcement
The Wayne County Child Support Enforcement Agency is dedicated to working with our partners in child support toward the common goal of getting support to the children of the families we serve.


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