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Ask Your State Legislators to Oppose Ohio Senate Bill 288! REASON #3:

by | Apr 7, 2022

Each weekday from Tuesday, April 5, 2022, until Friday, April 15, 2022, I will be providing a reason why Ohioians should contact their state legislators to request that they vote against SB 288, a terrible piece of legislation that its sponsors claim is a “criminal justice reform bill,” when in reality, it is simply a “soft-on-crime bill” that will encourage criminal activity rather than deter it. 

DRUNK DRIVERS WHO KILL: REASON #3 to Oppose Senate Bill 288


Drunk drivers, under this proposed law, who kill a person can keep their driver’s licenses. 

As crime continues to rise, our legislature has proposed Senate Bill 288 – over 1800 pages of so called “reform.” Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 288.

Contact your legislators at:  https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/district-maps .