Oftentimes there is a mistaken impression that the Wayne County Prosecutor’s responsibilities only include criminal prosecutions in the Common Pleas and Municipal courts of Wayne County.  However, the Wayne County Prosecutor is also statutory legal counsel to numerous clients including, but not limited to, all elected officials, all county boards and offices, two libraries, and the sixteen townships in Wayne County.  Consequently, much of the work of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney and its Civil Division is responding to requests for legal assistance from these clients.  Our world is becoming more complicated and litigious every day, and there is an understandable desire on the part of the clients of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to seek sound legal advice prior to making many decisions.  Reviewing all county contracts and drafting documents such as agreements, leases, deeds, easements, legal opinions and memoranda, is a routine responsibility of the Civil Division.  Civil Division prosecutors’ attendance at numerous county, township and board meetings is often necessary and always appreciated by our clients. The Prosecutor and her Civil 

Division are also often called upon to defend elected officials when named in civil lawsuits and file lawsuits when the County has a cause of action against another person or entity.  The variety of problems, tasks, issues, and questions that arise for the Civil Division to address keeps the large workload of the Civil Division challenging yet always interesting.