The Wayne County Prosecutor is the statutory legal counsel for all of the following:

  • All County elected officials (all five judges, the Commissioners, the Recorder, the Auditor, the Treasurer, the Engineer, the Sheriff, the Coroner, and the Clerk of Courts);
  • All County offices (including, but not limited to, Environmental Services, Soil and Water, the Tax Map Office, the Building Department, the Planning Department, the Wayne County Care Center, Job and Family Services, and the Wayne County Airport Authority);
  • All County boards and commissions (including, but not limited to, the Board of Health, the Board of Elections, the Budget Commission, the Family and Children First Council, the Children’s Services Board, and the Mental Health & Recovery Board which includes the Ida Sue School and Nick Amster Sheltered Workshop);
  • The Wayne County Public Library;
  • The Orrville Public Library; and
  • The sixteen townships in Wayne County, including those townships’ officers, boards, and commissions.