Felony Diversion Program

The Felony Division has a pretrial diversion program for non-violent, first-offenders.  The Pretrial Diversion Program requires the defendant to file a written application with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office Diversion Coordinator along with payment of a non-refundable application fee.  Eligible defendants will then appear before a screening committee of three members from the community.  The screening committee will make a recommendation as to whether the defendant is appropriate for the program.  Individuals that qualify for the program are placed under supervision for up to two years.  They must admit their guilt, and during the period of supervision, they must obey all laws, as well as the rules, terms and conditions imposed on them.  The terms and conditions of diversion frequently require payment of restitution to the crime victim and numerous hours of community service work.  If the individual successfully completes the program, the charge will be dismissed and the record sealed.